Primary Sidebar

The Primary Sidebar of the Pretty Fabulous Demo displays 5 different widgets. 

The first widget is an image widget. I designed it so that the text will appear on top of the photo starting about halfway down. 

Drag an image widget into your sidebar.

Upload an image, and write whatever you want the widget to say in the caption area of your uploaded image.

You can also use the "Link to" option to link this image to any page, like your awesome about page using that Cool Timeline!

In the css class area at the bottom of your image widget, type the word: picture

Then just hit save, TADA!

The next widget displayed in the demo is an eNews widget. You'll configure this as you do any of your eNews widgets, here are those instructions.

The next widget is a featured post widget. Simply drag and drop a featured post widget into your primary sidebar area, and use the screenshot below to configure the settings.

The last widget in the primary sidebar of the demo site is a search widget. Simply drag and drop a search widget into the primary sidebar and hit save.

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