Install Pretty Theme Widget Settings

To make setup easier, we have included the Demo Site's Home Page Widget Content file for you to download here and import. This will populate the widgets exactly as seen on the demo site. Please ensure you've installed the plugins for your theme first. 

Download the widgets import file

Import Widget Settings

  1. Install and activate the import/export widget plugin (and the Disable Real Mime Check plugin - this is needed after a recent update to WordPress)
  2. Tools > Widget Settings Import
  3. Select the file you downloaded (make sure you've unzipped the download, and upload the .json file, not the zip.)
  4. Go to Tools
  5. Widget Settings Import
  6. Click Select a File (browse to the location of the .json file you downloaded). Note that you will need to unzip the file after you download. You cannot import the complete zip file.
  7. Click Show Widget Settings
  8. Click Select All Active Widgets
  9. Click Clear Current Widgets before import (this will clear any widgets you currently have on your site)
  10. Click Import Widget Settings

Settings Screenshot

NOTE: This is a screenshot from the Pretty Creative Theme.

Your widgets will look different, depending on which theme you are using, but the steps are the same.

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