Install Notes, Theme Extras, and Updates

Fonts Used

Fonts are already installed and ready to go, however, if you wish to download them for your personal use here are the links. I recommend keeping fonts cohesive throughout your imagery and branding if possible. Source Sans Pro

Best Practices

Please always keep an untouched copy of your theme stored on your computer. The original zip file is ideal. You will also want to keep an updated version of your theme files stored on your computer, in the case that you accidentally make a mistake and need to use that copy to fix it. You can also download a copy in your account area at any time. If you would like some help customizing your theme, we offer that service here.

WooCommerce Image Sizes

Click WooCommerce in your dashboard Sidebar, then select Settings and then the Products tab. Enter the image sizes seen below.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 3.58.19 PM

To Use the Button Styles Seen in Demo:

(replace "button" with "button-pink" to use the pink button)


To upload a header image, just click on "Appearance" then "Header"


Columns! These are so much fun to use and really help give your site that custom look. Read how to use the different variations at StudioPress (make sure you're logged in to view tutorials). Click Here.

If you downloaded FUN prior to February 2015

You will want to add this to your CSS in order for the featured top widget area on your home page to display the "read more" button link exactly like the demo. Alternatively, if you would like content to show in that area just remove the below code.

.home-featured .featuredpost p {
	display: none;

To resolve the issue with pagination of WooCommerce products not displaying correctly on mobile:

First, we will need to update our responsive-menu.js file. Look for this:

Replace it with this:

Then, add this to your stylesheet in the 839 break-point in the stylesheet's Mobile Navigation section.

Look for this: @media only screen and (max-width: 839px) {


Check out our " Learn WordPress" posts on the PDCD Blog for more helpful instruction.


If after following the setup tutorials you are having trouble with something, please do not hesitate to submit a support ticket, we're happy to help.


Don't want to mess with all of this setup stuff? Let us do the work for you, in 24 hours or less! If you are an instant gratification kind of person, our 24 Hour Setup Package is perfect for you.

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