Pretty Theme Slider Widget Area

The Pretty theme features a slider widget below the Home Featured Widget:

Widgets Used

The Home Slider Widget Displays a Text widget (which provides the title for the slider), and a Genesis Responsive slider widget. The "featured" graphic is included with your theme download. Simply upload whatever graphic in the Bonus Extras that you'd like to use (or use the template to create your own text), and add the image using html.

Slider Settings

From your dashboard..Navigate to Genesis > Slider.

  1. Set to Display Posts
  2. Set to Show 3 Slides
  3. Set to Offset 4 posts (this will skip the four posts displayed in the Home Featured Widget above
  4. Slider Width of 1200
  5. Slider Height of 500
  6. Check the box to Display Net/Previous Arrows
  7. Check to Display Post/Page Title in Slider
  8. Check to Display Content in Slider
  9. Select Content Limit of 200 characters
  10. Set Slider Excerpt width of 50%
  11. Don’t forget to Save Settings

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