Pretty Creative Portfolio Page

The Pretty Creative Theme provides the option for a Portfolio page by installing and activating the Portfolio Post Type plugin (and then saving your Permalinks).

Once your permalinks are saved, your Portfolio will display at your site's URL/Portfolio.

Create the Portfolio Page

  1. Add Text to the Portfolio Archive widget by navigating to Appearance > Widgets > Portfolio Archive Widget
  2. Drag and drop a text widget into the Portfolio Archive Page Widget Area
  3. Paste the code below into the text widget content area.
    <div>Here is where you can write something about your portfolio, and maybe even link to your contact page for future project inquiries. Your portfolio can have an infinite amount of items in it, and you can sort them by category if you like. You can choose not to show this widget at all and let your work speak for itself. </div> <div> <a href="">Let's Work Together</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; </div> &nbsp;

  4. Create Your Portfolio Posts. The featured images from these posts will populate your Portfolio Page

How to Create a Portfolio Post

  1. Go to Portfolio > Add New
  2. Give your post a title
  3. Add Content
  4. Add Featured Image
  5. Publish

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