Pretty Creative Home Top and Full Width Image

The focus of the home page of the Pretty Creative theme demo is the image of a computer laptop, overlaying a black dotted background.

The background is the Home Top, and the laptop image is contained in the Full Width Image Widget. The Home Top image will not display unless there is content in the Full Width Image widget.

Home Top Widget

The dotted background is a repeatable, seamless image measuring 250px by 250px. 

To update this image: navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Home Top > select Remove Image (or Change Image) > upload your own image. 

Click Save & Publish.

Full Width Image Widget

The Full Width Image widget contains a text widget with the HTML required to display an image.  

In the demo, this image is 1600px by 1200px; it spans the entire width of the content area of the theme.

To add an image into the Full Width Image widget: Navigate to   Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Full Width Image > drag a text widget into this location, and add the html for your image and/or text. 

Click Save.

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