Fun Theme Home Products Widget Area

The Fun theme displays a text widget and a total of 9 Genesis Featured Widget Amplified (or Genesis Sandbox Featured Content Widgets) in the Home Products Widget Area. 

To set up this section

  1. Navigate to: Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Home Products Widget Area 
  2. Drag and drop a Text widget and then 9 Genesis Sandbox Featured Content Widget into the Home Products Widget Area.


The First Text Widget

Set the Widget title to "New In The Shop", or whatever you prefer the title of this section be.

The Product Image Widgets

(reference above screenshot by number)
Set up each of the Genesis Sandbox Content Widgets as follows:
  1. Content Type: Product
  2. Number of Posts to Show: 1
  3. Check Box to Exclude Previously Displayed Posts
  4. Check Box to Show Featured Image
  5. Set Image Size of home-products (400x400)
  6. Check box to Show Post Title (note, only the first three widgets will have this box checked)
  7. Set Content Type of No Content
  8. Add CSS Class
    • First widget: one-third first
    • Second & Third Widgets: one-third
    • Fourth Widget: one-sixth first
    • Fifth - Ninth Widgets: one-sixth

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